Thursday 20 April 2017

35 week bumpdate

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How far along:  3weeks
My bump: I feel massive! I really popped very suddenly recently and while I secretly had been longing for a bump I am unfortunately still breach so it is highly uncomfortable. I have such a short torso and with the baby lying against my ribs most of the time the little ones head is making it so hard to breath!
Stretch marks? No – Thankfully not. While theres no doubt genetics plays an important role I have been pedantic with skincare which definitely helps. I wrote a post about pregnancy skincare here.
Cravings: Bananas and porridge! The porridge thankfully has worked wonders on my leg cramps which have seemed to have gone away since my craving began.
Sleep: Unfortunately not great! I wake so often to go to the bathroom and find it difficult to go back to sleep. I have started to cut out caffeine and light lavender candles at night. Turning at night with a massive bump is so difficult too. I find sleeping with three pillows helps also. This trimester is so different from the last!
Symptoms: A lot since last trimester! My day time job is so physical, I am exhausted by the time I get home. Thankfully I only have a few weeks left and I am determined to work until the end. Sleepless nights and breathlessness due to the baby being breach are my two main symptoms. I also have Carpel Tunnel syndrome in my right hand which is very new and annoying! 
Miss anything? Sleep and having energy!
Maternity clothes: I haven't bought anything new. Just not fitting into my normal clothes as much and the bits I had bought previously. 
Movement: Still plenty. I think the baby is trying to turn so my ribs are getting plenty of kicks.
Gender: Still unknown. I am tempted to find out so we will see!!
Belly button in/out: Out!!
Wedding Rings on/off: On!
Mood: Tired! I feel exhausted all the time now and am really looking forward to going on maternity leave. The two week break before the baby comes and it can't come quick enough. While I certainly haven't had the worst pregnancy in the world I look forward to the baby coming and having full ownership of my body again!!

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