When did you start blogging and why?

After months and months of procrastination and after encouragement from my friends and family I finally started my blog in July 2014. The blog is meant to be my shy attempt to encourage inspiration in others and also to pinpoint my own perspective of fashion. I am a girl on a budget and really wanted to create a medium for me to share stylish clothing while remaining affordable.

Is this your full time job?

No, I work full time as a Cardiac Physiologist. I work on average about 40 hours a week in a Dublin hospital.  My job requires continuous professional development and examination that can be tough to balance with my blogging. However I think my job makes me good with time management that certainly helps with the blog. I find both blogging and my full time job both challenging and rewarding but in very different ways. I’m a big believer that you will always find time for things you love.  I never feel obliged to update my blog and I absolutely love the whole process. Getting emails from readers daily thanking me for inspiring them with a particular outfit is a constant remainder that it is worth all the effort.

Where do you get your outfit inspiration?

I get my outfit inspiration from everywhere; from other bloggers to someone I may see walking down the street. I particularly find Irish magazines useful where you know the items can be purchased in Ireland. 

What size clothes do you take and what height are you?

I take an average of a size 6 UK and always take an S in Shein.  I am actually a lot shorter than I look as I'm only 5'3.  

What Camera do you use and what do you edit your photos with?

We use a Canon 100d and a 50mm 1.4f lens. As far as the photography goes, we adopted a 'wing it' approach.  Taking pictures in Ireland with the weather is definitely challenging!! I'm always on the look out for locations to take photos as they might help to make a particular blog post a little more interesting. I generally don't edit my pictures as I don't have the time. Photography is definitely something I want to expand my knowledge on. 

You shop a lot in Shein.com. What is the postage and tax like?

My favourite online store is Shein.com as it has amazing prices. I actually wrote a full review on that recently and you can read that here. It should answer all your questions. If you have anymore queries you can always email me and I'll get back to you. 

What is your beauty regime?

I actually used to suffer dreadfully with acne as a teenager and in my early twenties. Anyone in the same boat, my advice would be do not suffer in silence and seek medical advice. There are plenty of treatments out there to suit everybody. Now I am pedantic with my skin care regime and take my make up off every night. You can read about it here. I recently invested in a Clarisonic face brush which I swear by.  I also love No7 skin products and drink plenty of water.

What Make-up and beauty products to you use?

I generally don't change up my makeup routine that much. I swear by my Armani Luminance and L'Oreal True match foundation. I also love the Primark individual lashes. You can catch up on my makeup bag post here. As for fake tan I adore the Irish brand Cocoa Brown for my body and the Lancome flash bronzer face gel for my face. 

What is your exercise regime?

I try to practice what I preach in work and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I attend an aerobics class twice a week with the amazing Siobhan of Cardiosculp and try to hill walk whenever I can. I’m naturally petite but exercise for me is about maintaining a healthy body and mind.

I want to start fashion blogging, give us some tips to make our blogs and instagrams stand out!

My advice would be find a blogging platform that suits you (most people use Blogger or Wordpress) and become interactive on social media. I think there is room for everyone in the world of fashion blogging. I don't want to eat in just one restaurant for the rest of my life and this is the same for blogging. Each blogger brings their own sense of individually to the table. I must read a few dozen blogs and every one of them is different.


  1. Amazing advice. Your blog is stunning and I love your style, every single outfit is perfection. Your blog has grown so much and love the new layout!! Trish x www.reservedforruby.com

  2. What a nice outfit. Do you also have an instagram? by the way, have you ever had ideas about using virtual data room software for you future fashion business?


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