Monday 25 May 2015

SheInside Summer Picks

Lavender Lace Dress//Crochet Short//Pink Round Neck Dress//Two Piece//Graphic Skater dress//Floral Flare Skirt//Pink Bow Heels//Blue Coat//Bow Heels

Hello everyone. As you all might have noticed by now I have a slight Sheinside addiction!! I have been using it for a few years now after one of my favourite bloggers Seams for a desire wore some of their clothes on her blog. I work full time and don't always have the time to trawl through the shops as much as I'd like which is why I do a lot of online shopping. Sheinside allows me to dip my feet into certain trends without having to over commit financially. I get numerous emails everyday off you guys asking very similar questions about ordering from the site. Hopefully I can answer some of those questions in this post.


Everything is displayed in dollars on the site although the site is actually not American. One question I get asked a lot is whether there are any taxes and charges. Thank God there isn't so the price display is the final checkout price. I always use Paypal to pay for goods online and if you don't already have an account I would highly recommend setting one up.


Sheinside allows a few different options in terms of posting out items. They do offer a free post service although this can take up to one month. Unfortunately, if like me you want the clothes you just ordered yesterday this option isn't ideal! The second option is express tracked shipping (€14) which tends to take about 1-2 weeks in my experience. Another option Sheinside offers is when spending over €75 express tracked shipping is offered free of charge. I tend to buy in bulk and avail of this option!


Following plenty of feedback from you guys I would suggest sizing up. When you select the size on the website the actual measurements on the item are displayed. This can be useful in trying to ascertain the length of a skirt/dress etc. However if you are like me and don't actually own a measuring tape you might find the Buyers Show useful in gauging clothes size. This is a service in which previous customers send in pictures of themselves wearing the outfit they bought in receipt for Sheinside points. I always find the Review comments extremely useful. People are great at letting you know how they found the sizing.


The quality depends on the material and price of the article. I am consistently happy with the quality especially for the price. In particular this red dress which many of you guys ordered was excellent quality and at €20 was a total bargain. The majority of feedback I receive from you guys is extremely positive. However, it would be remiss not to mention that some of you have been disappointed as well. In essence though I think Sheinside is great value for money and if you've had a bad experience I'd try and not let it put you off from ordering again.

I hope I covered everything! Remember you can always email if you want more advice or have any questions about a particular item.


  1. Lovely choices! The pink dress is my favorite, so fancy and chic. :))


  2. You get the most amazing pieces from that site!


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