Thursday 16 July 2015

My Skin Care Routine

Hi ladies, since I haven't done a beauty post in forever I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share my daily skincare routine with you all. You can find a list of my favourite beauty products which I use on a daily basis and would highly recommend.

Firstly, I find Olay Everyday Sunshine to be fantastic. I use this every couple of days instead of fake tan on my face. It doesn't leave your face as dry as fake tan tends to do and it allows a build up of a nice colour over a couple of days.

I also use No7 Early Defence moisturiser every morning followed by the No 7 Protect and Perfect serum. I've really noticed a massive difference in the overall condition of my skin since starting to use these two products been. Individually, the No 7 products may not be particularly cheap. Boots always offer great 3 for 2 deals and frequently give €6:50 off No 7 products. 

I have also used the No 7 Early Defence Eye cream twice daily on a regular basis. My advice would be that you are never too young to start wearing eye cream! Prevention is most certainly better (and cheaper) than cure! 

I have used the Clarisonic over the past few months and I must say that I really love the deep skin clean I get with this product. In my experience it removes much more dirt than a normal cleanse can apparently help prevent skin breakouts as well as premature ageing!! 


  1. great post ! thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. Ah heard great things from the Clarisonic... It's so tempting xx ~ Siobhan xx


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