Tuesday 14 July 2015

Shrug it off

Hello everyone. Excuse my short hiatus from the blog. It was an extremely busy weekend and hard to find the time to take photos. I've received so many emails from you lovely girls asking  about how the wedding planning is going so I though I ought to write a blog post for a wedding update. 

Shear Floral Dress (You can buy here )

The location we have chosen for our wedding was recommended by a close friend who had previously attended a wedding at the same venue. My fiancé and I immediately both fell in love with the location and didn't hesitate in booking it for next summer. It was literally the first and only venue that we viewed! Once the date and venue were decided, we found that a lot of the rest of the organisation fell into place quite quickly.

To help the process along, we delegated each other jobs in finding vendors etc and ticking off the list as we went along. A useful tip is to ask your venue for a list of recommended vendors. These have typically been used by couples previously and can be well vouched for by the venue. We found the band to be the hardest aspect to get booked with plenty of bands already booked out for our date! In the end we managed to get a superb band recommended directly by our venue.

I'm also really excited to say I think that I have found my wedding dress! One more visit to see the dress with my sister and it should be finalised. I would really love to hear any wedding advice or tips any of you girls might have?


  1. Sounds so exciting! Love your dress too!


  2. Beautiful dress! Love the print and the skirt on it



  3. Beautiful dress !!!

  4. The link doesn't work! Can you provide a new one?


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