Tuesday 21 March 2017

Mama to Be Skincare Essentials

I have been meaning to do this post forever. Being pregnant is a minefield, there is a myriad of 'do's & dont's" 'cans & cants' but ultimately it is up to you to decide whats right for you and your growing baby. As I am currently over 30 weeks pregnant I am well into the pregnancy lifestyle and have selected some skincare essentials that I have been using and am loving at the moment. 
I have carefully researched the best creams and oils and tried and tested many of them over my 7 and half months of pregnancy and here are my recommendations for mamas to be. 

Secret Saviours
I heard this through the blogging community and while I've only been using this a short while I am loving it so far. I bought the set which includes a day cream, a night cream and a belly band. I apply the day cream and wear the belly band over it throughout the day.  The belly band is unique and works together with the cream to prevent stretch marks. The patented system consists of a comfortable Anti Stretch Mark Band lined with pads of varying sizes arranged in a random pattern. This seemingly accidental arrangement is actually designed to dissipate stresses and strains and make it more difficult for any internal tears to spread down a straight line of least resistance. The band offers assistance with back support too which is an added bonus. The night cream is warn with out the band. Both smell absolutely delicious and with 80% of woman who trailed it experiencing no stretch marks I am really confident this set with continue to impress me. 

Phyts Stretch Mark Oil
This was a lovely pregnancy gift off a friend and given the high reputation and quality of Phyts products I knew it would be good. All Phyts products are organic and 100% natural. If you are concerned about putting any chemicals on your pregnant belly this product is for you. It smells absolutely gorgeous and only for Ive already ran out of it I would still be using it as my skincare routine. For a list of Phyts stockist you can clink here.

Clarins Body Oil
A cult product amount the pregnant community this body oil has been around for years. Clarins best selling firming body oil with 100% pure and powerful plant extracts including Rosemary, Geranium and Mint making a healthy formulahelps firm, tone and improve the skins elasticity,  I personally don't mind the floral smell however I have heard other reviews finding it too overpowering. 


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