Thursday 23 February 2017

27 bump update

“Your baby now weighs around 2 lbs and is 36 cms long. Their eyes will start to open this week and they will begin practising making breathing movements. Your baby will start to respond more to noises and can hear you and your partner chatting away.”

How far along: 27 weeks exactly

Days until due date: 91 days

My bump: I'm excited that there is a bump there now, albeit not a massive one! It is definitely taking shape. I had my first GP visit last week and he asked me was I there to confirm my pregnancy! Eh I'm here for my 26 week check up excuse me! This baby doesn't seem to be taking after daddy so far thats for sure.

Weight changes: Seems to be all bump at the moment. I'm still able to fit into my jeans; well the low waisted ones anyway. So far I've gained around 5kg.

Stretch marks? No – still religiously using body oil and plenty of body butters every morning and night. I will do a post on all the concoctions I'm using. Also drinking plenty of water.

Cravings: Coffee!! I would give or take coffee during the week pre-pregnancy, now I crave it in the morning! I allow myself the one cup a day!

Sleep: So far so good! I've always been a good sleeper so nothing has changed. I have to go for toilet breaks which disturbs my sleep routine but my little Persian Poppy accompanies me every time!

Symptoms: Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant! I have always been a person who is better when I'm busy and pregnancy is no exception. I was only thinking I actually feel my mood is so much better during pregnancy. Maybe its the lack of alcohol and hangovers.

Miss anything? Not going to lie! I cannot wait for a glass of wine!!

Maternity clothes: I'm loving H&M for all the maternity basics. Unfortunately they don't do a size 6 in the maternity jeans range. But any future mamas to be need to pay H&M a visit.

Movement: So much movement! The baby seems to be a night owl which hopefully changes once she/he is born! The baby doesn't like sparkling water thats for sure!

Gender: Still unknown! Sometimes I think it might be more practical to find out but part of me wants to wait!

Belly button in/out: Out!!

Wedding Rings on/off: On. My ring is too big so hopefully even if I get swelling it will stay on me.

Mood: I'm really happy at the moment. I am getting nervous at the same time and get bouts when I worry about silly things! I'm beginning to get overwhelmed with all the baby paraphinalia that is out there and what I should get. I absolutely hate clutter so I will be only buying the essentials.  I have no doubt that motherhood comes with its challenges but I am am ready as I am ever going to be. I have a supportive husband and family, own a house and have a permanent job; the rest will hopefully fall into place.


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