Tuesday 17 October 2017

Sun holiday with a new baby

Traveling with a new baby! I will admit I was a little nervous about this. Particularly as us Irish do not like extremes of any type of weather! However I reminded myself that people live happily in warm climates and a holiday would do us both the world of good! If you need any tips and tricks for the flight be sure to read my post for flying with a new baby here

Thankfully I am in a maternity group at home which is a wealth of information so I gathered plenty of tips and tricks before I left. After spendig a few weeks abroad i would recommend a few things.

1. Sunsuit. For new babies with sensitive skin any substances with chemical ingredients can irritate baby. I minimised the suncream I used on her for the reasons above. I used the La roche factor 50 and thankfully Isabelle got no reactions to this. I naturally kept her direct sun exposure to an absolute minimum. 

2. Sun tent. I spotted plenty of these items on the beach and regretted not managing to get my hands on one before i left. We instead used the sunbeds which were shaded but this can be quite costly if using everyday. 

3 Sun Parasol I had bought, called the Sunshade, before we departed was great but I would recommend it for more of a cooler climate. i found Isabelle would get too hot in her pram with this in Spain. We picked up a universal parasol over here which worked a treat at keeping sun off her. 

4. Buggy bag or stroller. I brought my bugaboo pram with me as I thought Isabelle was too small for a stroller. The basinette also doubles as a travel cot too which saves you from bringing one or buying one on holidays. I also used my travel bag which I talked about here. Absolutely no damage was done to my pram on the plane over here. A lightweight stroller is another option. I have my eye on the Yoyo stroller which is small enough to go in the over head. So this might be my next big purchase. 

4. Mosquito patches. Mosquito spray is not recommended under two years of age so to protect Isabelle from mosquitos we found these patches which we stuck on her pram and above where she was sleeping. Thankfully she got no bites unlike her mommy who was eaten alive!


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