Friday 4 August 2017

Post-partum update

I've been meaning to do a postpartum post for quite a while. It has been two and half months since Isabelle graced us with her presence, so there have been lots of changes for all of us!

Isabelles Update

Thankfully Isabelle has reached all the milestone a baby her age should reach. She's began smiling at around 5 weeks and everyday the smiles become more frequent. I've been using the iPhone app 'Wonder Weeks' to keep track of what milestones should be next. She can hold her head up now and tracks us when we walk into a room. She had dropped a percentile in weight at around 5 weeks but thankfully she has made her way back up. She has grown out of the newborn baby clothes and each day we have another baby grow to add to the used pile.

We are quite lucky with the fact that Isabelle likes her sleep at night-time! We do co-sleep and I breastfeed her whenever I hear her begin to look for food. She also has begun to coo and make sounds when excited. The main problem we have encountered is her reflux. I had spoke about this with the paediatrician who advised it is best to leave it alone and it is something she will grow out of.
It can be just frustrating to see her food all come back up or to see her uncomfortable with it.

My Postpartum Update

Post delivery is like being in a fog and it is only now I'm slowly emerging from it. You are on such an adrenaline rush coming home from the hospital that you forget what your body has been through and the only thing you should be doing is resting and spending time with your baby. I was so used to living a busy lifestyle and being on the go 24/7, I found it really difficult to sit still which is what I should have been doing. It wasn't until I was out with her a tiredness would hit me and I would just have to go home. I just succumbed to the fact that I wasn't meant to be doing anything else and found a good boxset and relaxed.  I have found breastfeeding difficult and I found it difficult timing feeds and trying to get things done. Even a nail appointment takes timing of military presicion and pumping prior to departure. I had such high hopes for maternity leave and there was so much I wanted to do but truthfully you're lucky to get dressed some days. I can't believe I'm two and half months into my maternity leave already!

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