Friday 11 August 2017

Dressed to Express

Nearly three months into this breastfeeding game and I have certainly learned a thing or two about tailoring my wardrobe to my babies needs (they don't call it the forth trimester for no reason!). One of the most popular questions I get asked on social media is what to wear whilst breast-feeding.
I for one certainly don't want to lose my identity as a young mom so while there are certainly some alterations that have to be made, a few wardrobe hacks and knowing what styles to wear will allow you to feed your little one and still wear the clothes you want to wear.

Wrap it up
The wrap style is a perfect style for breast-feeding. I have worn my wrap maxi dress to any formal occasion and find it is a perfect style for feeding. Maternity dresses in this style can also double as nursing dresses when the baby comes along (like here). There are so many gorgeous wrap dresses that don't cost a fortune and wrap dresses are perfect for weddings or another formal event. Even a wrap jumpsuit is a practical and fashionable option.

The cold shoulder
I for one am so grateful that off the shoulder is still in trend. I wear off the shoulder tops and dresses a lot so a quick pull down gives easy access to your baby. If I'm feeling uncomfortable in public I will just throw a cardigan over myself. If it is all about easy access, off the shoulder is a perfect style.

It takes two
Two pieces are another easy option for breastfeeding moms. Especially as dresses with a zip are not an option.  Even an off the shoulder top and a midi skirt is a perfect option. I've picked maternity two piece dresses that double as nursing dresses for a double win (see above).

Go with the Flow
This is my Monday to Friday staple; jeans and a flowy top. I just pop Isabelle underneath and she feeds away discreetly. I'm generally out and about during the week and most of the time this is the style that I wear.


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