Wednesday 7 June 2017

3 week post partum update

Three weeks post partum
Morning of hospital admission

Mother tucker capri leggings

Hey ladies, I promised on my snapchat and Instastories that I would update you on my post-partum belly. During my pregnancy I tried to embrace all the inevitable changes. I had a fairly easy pregnancy up until about 30 weeks and was still exercising three times a week. However, I had polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) in my third trimester so exercise and general daily tasks became more difficult. I was so uncomfortable and breathless.

Since Isabelle has been born I have felt no pressure to diet or exercise. For the moment I am trying to enjoy this special time together as a family.  I had heard loads about the Bellybandit when I was pregnant and knew I wanted to give it a try for my post-partum belly. For those of you who haven't heard of the Bellybandit, it is a medical grade compression shape wear which helps shrink the hips and waist back after pregnancy. For a full list of the benefits check it out on their website here. What I love about it is that it requires no effort from my part. I literally pop it on in the morning and wear it for the day. It also adds back support for breast feeding mamas like me. For maximum results you can even wear it at night time and during the day.

Bellybandit have a new selection of shape wear called the Mother Tucker range. This includes tank-tops, leggings and shorts. I have also been using the capri leggings from this range which would be perfect for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable wearing a stomach band. I am so impressed with the Bellybandit. I heard the breast feeding really helps your uterus shrink back to shape and together with the belly bandit I was really impressed in how quickly it has happened. I could really see the difference as quick as three days pp. It took another two weeks for my belly button to pop back in which I was delighted about as I wasn't sure if this was ever going to happen! Over all I would highly recommend the Bellybandit for post-partum moms. There are loads of different types and specific ones to help with a C-section delivery.

On a different note, I think it is important to discuss how I've been coping in day to day life since the birth of baby Isabelle. It has certainly been tough going over the past 3 weeks but oh so enjoyable being a new mother. Following the initial adrenaline high, I did find myself becoming exhausted after a few days. Having plenty of family support has helped immensely (and you guys on the blog have been so good with support and tips!). Breast-feeding also takes a toll both mentally and physically. There were definitely times that I felt breast-feeding just wasn't working for me. I got so much good advice about trying to stick with it through the first 10 days or so and I really feel both Isabelle and I are reaping the benefits now. The main thing I want to get across for all new moms is that no matter how hard the struggle, there is always support there if you need it!

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