Sunday 28 May 2017

Welcome to the world baby Isabelle

On the 18th of May 2017 at 10:39 my life as I know it changed forever. Isabelle Sophia, 7.3lbs of pure perfection (and a full head of hair) was born in the Coombe Womans Hospital, Co Dublin. 

If you had been following my pregnancy updates on the blog you might have known that due to a complication my doctor decided to induce me two weeks early. I have to say it really is quite strange knowing what day you're  being admitted into hospital to have your baby. I had tried to research an induction before my admission but like everything medical people's experiences are so personal and unique. Anyone who has given birth will know that there is certainly no amount of research that can ever prepare you for it. I was admitted into the pre labour ward on Tuesday, 16th of May to have the Propess administered. The whole process is very lengthy and I spent the whole Tuesday literally bouncing on an exercise ball or going for walks with my husband!! 

The Tuesday rolled into Wednesday and still no baby. The doctors visited that morning to inform me the Propess had done its job but I was just waiting for a bed on the labour ward to have my membranes ruptured and start the oxytocin drip. The labour ward was seriously busy that day and at 8pm I told my husband to go home and it was more than likely tomorrow before we got to meet our little one. 

Little did I know that soon after my husband left my membranes would spontaneously rupture!! The contractions were seriously bad when my waters broke and waiting for a bed on the labour ward seemed like the longest half hour of my life. I can't commend the staff in both the pre labour ward and delivery suite enough. They were absolutely brilliant. Throughout the entire process everyone was so reassuring and caring and everything you would want to find in a maternity hospital.  

I have never loved anyone as much as the doctor who came to give me the epidural. As soon as that kicked in it was like night and day!!  I finally could get some much needed sleep and wait for my baby to do the rest of the work before the active part of labour began. 

I woke early on the 18th of May knowing that this will definitely be the day my baby will be born. Things were going smoothly until the midwife noticed the baby's heart beat was dropping after each push. The doctor was called and an assisted delivery was commenced. It turned out the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck which was causing the heart beat to drop. The team were amazing and everything seemed so calm and quick. After a quick check from the paediatric doctors she was handed into our arms. 

When I think of all the oddities, nuisances and lumps and bumps along the road, they all paled into insignificance when I met the little love I had carried for 9 months. 

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