Wednesday 5 April 2017

Mama to be Essentials

I promised this post over on my Snapchat a few weeks ago and I figured I better post it before I actually give birth!!  While there is no doubt everyones pregnancy is completely unique I have rounded up some of the items I found useful throughout my pregnancy.

                                                                Black Dress You can buy here

To make sure I got my full quota of vitamins and minerals I have been taking the daily supplement Pregnacare. My diet is generally good but like everyone I stumble from time to time! I feel more confident that my baby is getting the recommended doses of goodness by taking this daily.

Maternity Bras
While it is not recommend that you wear an underwire while pregnant, for me this wasn't a choice! My short torso means my bump starts very high causing most bras especially underwires to cut into me. I hadn't been impressed with any maternity bras until I found out the range Heidi Klum. We have a Heidi Klum outlet in Kildare Village where I picked up a few bras. I love how glamorous they are while still being practical. I think it is fair to say that even through pregnancy and nursing you still want to feel feminine and this range definitely affords that.

Bump Bands
I've been using these for when I've been leaving the top button of my work trousers open. They also give me the added protection under clothes. ASOS have a good selection and an extremely affordable range. If you are pedantic at putting on lotions twice daily like me these will also help keep them on your skin and not your clothes.

I spoke about this in a previous post here. Right now I am still loving the Secret Saviours skin care range. While there is no doubt genetics play an important part in whether you get stretch marks are not I've decided to take all precautions necessary in preventing them if possible. There are super ranges out there; not all expensive. My two sisters swear by Bio-oil and baby oil.

Maternity Clothes
When it comes to buying maternity clothes I recommend building a capsule collection. By this I mean buying a few stable clothes or buying clothes that will work postpartum as well. If you follow my blog regularly you might notice I've bought very few maternity clothes, Instead I lean towards stretchy dresses or flowy tops that can be worn at any any stage of the pregnancy.
A few staples I have bought are jeans, leggings and maternity tops. H&M do a great range of maternity jeans for greats prices. I bought these sharing ones a few months ago and have finally been able to wear them. Primary also do a small range were I picked up a few pairs. During the week I lean towards my leggings for comfort. Asos without a doubt has a best selection of dresses and at great value.


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