Thursday 13 October 2016

The Tan Commandments

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Hey everyone, I've had tons of emails recently about my holiday tan! So I thought it best to do a blog post to offer some advice on fake tan, whether you're planning on going on holidays or have a special night out planned.  I personally find it too difficult to put on fake tan when I'm away. I prefer to have a spray tan done and to try and maintain that rather than reapply layers whilst I'm away.
I cringe at the thought of how I used to treat my skin. Living abroad in the USA for two Summers together with the travel I did around Asia meant it wasn't uncommon for me to sunbathe very frequently. While I still like to sit in the sun from time to time I lather myself in suncream and am never without a sunhat.

 Here are my tips to the perfect tan and as the saying goes fake it until you make it!!

Give it a rest!
Yes ladies refrain from hitting the bottle for at least two weeks before your scheduled tanning session. Like most things the key is all in the preparation. It is no secret that even the best fake tans dry the skin out so giving your skin a rest allows it to breathe as well as recalibrate its own moisture levels. It will also give your skin a clean base and the tan will glide on more evenly and be less patchy. If you have something planned by all means use a wash off tan but definitely give the developing tan a rest!

Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!
I use the Cocoa Brown fake tan exfoliator along with an exfoliating glove for a good scrub! Never underestimate how long it takes for old fake tan to wash off so on your two week sabbatical from the hard stuff, a regular exfoliation session will ensure the clean base you need before you tan. It also removes old dead skin cells which in turn will improve the longevity of the tan as it works better on a fresh layer of skin.

Close Shave!
Shave the morning after! This is something I have learned the hard way! I always leave the shaving until the morning after when washing my fake tan off. I find I'm less likely to get the dark dots from tan lodged in my pores (aint nobody got time for that!!)

Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise
I choose to get a spray as close to the date as possible. I try and shower just before I'm running out the door and always wear loose clothes and flip flops. I shower the next morning and literally will lather myself in moisturiser for the next week! Moisturise at least twice a day. Looking after your tan also means drinking lots of water which will also help keep your skin moisturised. I definitely try not to go into the sea/chlorinated water.

Make it Shine
I love using glow oils to give my tan an extra edge. The Cocoa Brown Golden Godness is a favourite as well as the Nuxe Dry Oil.  These products photograph really well and will elongate your limbs while giving your tan a glow. My next purchase is going to be the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel body I have heard so much about!

Thankfully my tan faded very gradually as I had hoped. I'm definitely getting a spray the next time I go away. If you have anymore questions done hesitate to email or Facebook me!


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