Sunday 26 July 2015

Lady in Lavender

Lavender Crochet Dress (You can buy here)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I had a great weekend away with my mom and sisters and if you follow my Facebook page you'll know that after months of searching for the perfect wedding dress, I finally said "Yes to the dress"!

I had had my eye on this particular dress for a while but didn't want to purchase it too hastily in case there was a dress I liked more. Every time I tried on a dress, I would constantly compare it to this dress and to be honest I couldn't get it out of my head!!

My oldest sister (and chief bridesmaid) wasn't with me on the first trip to the shop so we decided to go on a road trip this weekend to have another look and to hopefully seal the deal! I was relieved when I tried it on it was as nice as I remembered and given the fact my sister shed a tear (of happiness I hope!!) I knew I'd made the right decision! My advice when searching for a wedding dress is to try on all different styles! The style I went for was not something I had envisioned myself in at all however it definitley suited me the best! Unfortunately you will have to until June for the blog reveal!


  1. Great post as per usual Martina! I am sure your wedding dress is amazing! I also tried on many different styles for my dress and the one I chose wasnt what I thought Id ever end up in. Happy Wedding Planning X

  2. you look so beautiful Martina! love this dress ! xx

  3. Wow, this Lavender Crochet Dress is absolutely stunning! This is the best Crochet Dress I have seen. I would love to buy it for my sister’s outdoor birthday party. You know it is going to be held at one of my favorite Hollywood venues.


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