Saturday 13 June 2015

Full Bloom

Floral Maxi Dress Shein

As I write this post I am enjoying my last day in Spain. The fact the weather hasn't been particularly great does make it a little easier to leave. I've been coming to the south of Spain for years and never have I experienced such unfortunate weather especially in June. With that said it has definitely given me an opportunity to explore the area for new restaurants, shops and, of course, cocktail bars!

One thing I particularly look forward to on holidays isn't necessarily lying on a beach all day but being able to wear summer clothes! I'm a massive fan of maxi dresses and skirts but the Irish weather doesn't always afford us the opportunity to wear them. I really love this Maxi shown above and I am hoping we get some fine days back home in Ireland so that I can get more wear out of the dress!


  1. Love this dress - super chic!


  2. Ah Martina the dress is really beautiful!
    Enjoy your last day xx


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