Wednesday 22 April 2015

The Bling Ring

Hi everyone I'm so happy I can finally share a picture of my engagement ring with you all. We bought the ring in Antwerp last weekend. Where is Antwerp I hear you ask? That was my exact question when a former colleague of mine was telling me about her plans to buy her ring there. Antwerp is a city in Belgium (about 35 minutes from Brussels by train) which is famous for its speciality in diamonds.

The easiest way to get there is to fly into Brussels and take a train to Antwerp. Our hotel was in the Diamond district so after a quick bag drop we headed straight out to start shopping. A particular jewellers named Heart and Arrows had been recommended by numerous friends. I had a fair idea about what particular style I wanted and the gentleman in the shop could not have been more helpful and accommodating in helping me find the perfect ring. I couldn't believe it when we were told the ring would be ready for collection that very same day! When I finally got to try the ring on it felt perfect and was definitely worth the wait!!

My tips for buying in Antwerp

1) Know what you want - I had tried on a few rings in Dublin before the trip. What I wanted and what suited my hand were very different things. As the jewellers in Antwerp orientate around the diamond and not the actual ring itself knowing what you want is essential.

2) Go to a recommended jewellers. There is an abundance of jewellers in the diamond district so it would be very overwhelming if you did not know where to go. I highly recommend the jewellers Hearts and Arrows as I found they could not have been more helpful.

3) Enjoy yourself. Antwerp is a lovely little city with lots to explore and see. I would highly recommend the cocktail bar Dogma in the Old Town. One of there cocktails came complete with a painkiller and sunglasses for the morning!!


  1. Your ring is stunning! Enjoy all of the planning! xx

  2. Ah Martina it's amazing - such a beautiful ring. Love your photos of Antwerp
    Siobhan xx

  3. Martina, your ring is just stunning, good choice and congrats on engagement. Do you mind me asking what type of camera you use? as quality of pics is really good

  4. Congrats Martina, your ring is just fab, good choice!! Do you mind me asking what type of camera you use? as the quality of your pics is amazing

  5. So a pretty ring and your travel pics are gorgeous too!

  6. Congrats ring is amazing! :) Your photos are gorgeous Antwerp looks beautiful!


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