Sunday 25 January 2015

Ruffle Trouble!

Long sleeve Ruffle Playsuit Topshop (sold out online available instore)
The only saving grace for me when it comes to January is the sales. I am personally most successful at nabbing a bargain or two towards the end of the month. I find the crowds have dwindled and there are further reductions on items. I also tend to find that more items get added as the month comes to an end. I had spotted this playsuit in Topshop before Christmas, so you can imagine my delight when it had been reduced from €70 to € would have been rude not to buy it in my opinion! The next few posts on Martina's Mark will focus on sharing with you guys what else I picked up over the January sales!


  1. Such a fun girly look! I love the ruffles.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. Stunning I love it what a deal Siobhan xx

  3. Totally agree poking and patience required though.fab outfit. Wat tan do u use? X

  4. It's so playful and chic at the same time, a piece that totally reflects my style too :-)



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