Thursday 4 December 2014

Going to the dark side..

I am like many other Irish ladies out there; trying to achieve an all year round glow! I must confess there are times when this results in me looking more like David Dickenson rather than my planned objective of Gisele Bundchen!! I am always on the hunt for a good affordable fake tan and when my friend recommended I try Babydoll's Tan Goddess I was more then to happy to give it a go.

I tried Tan Goddess 'Dark' and the first thing I noticed was how much body coverage I got out of one pump. I used a mitt to apply it and it glided on leaving an even golden tan. It also has a lovely light coconut fragrance which is a bonus. With added vitamins I was really impressed with it as I didn't find it as drying as some of the other tans I have used. Also at €9.99 it certainly is bank account friendly. You can either leave the tan or like me wash a layer off the next morning. 

I would highly recommend Baby Doll 'Tan Goddess' for those of you like me who are trying to defy the pasty complexion that winter brings. It would also make a lovely stocking filler or gift for someone this Christmas. It is available in a medium and dark shade. 

Babydoll Tan Goddess is available here or in Irish Pharmacies Nationwide


  1. That dress looks amazing on you! Like, you should wear that color everyday. Ha


    My Fashion Fancies

  2. The dress is so cute!

  3. Your pink dress is so pretty! And your tan looks AWESOME girl! I definitely want some of that Gisele Bundchen glow too :)!

  4. It looks awesome on your skin! I've never used a store bought tanning product, because I don't trust myself with the application, but this gives me hope :)

    Bella Pummarola

  5. That tan look gorgeous! Your pink dress is beautiful too!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog


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