Thursday 9 October 2014

More wine por favor!!

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Greetings from Spain! I have been here for the past week, hence my brief leave of absence from the blog. I have been doing everything obligatory for a Spanish holiday - eating lots, drinking plenty of wine and enjoying the sun. Spain is one of my favourite places to visit; the weather is always amazing, it has wonderful shops and a gorgeous wine bar is always a few paces away.  Despite all these distractions, I suppose I should mention the clothes I'm wearing in this blog post!! I ordered this dress from Sheinside and it arrived last week which was perfect timing for my holiday! I love the colours of the dress and the quality is really good too. My Spanish is certainly not perfect but I think I have even had a few compliments from some of the locals!!


  1. Absolutely fab dress on you! What is the sizing like? such good value!

    1. I'm wearing a small here! It's great value!
      Martina xx

  2. This color combo looks AMAZING on you! So vibrant- I love it!

  3. Spain, how fun!! Love those heels!


  4. Beautiful dress! It looks so lovely on you. Have a wonderful time in Spain! So jealous.

  5. That dress is just amazing, it looks fantastic on you! Thanks for giving my blog a shout out can't wait to read your interview x

  6. This dress is stunning! The red heels really make the red in the dress stand out even more. Super cute!


  7. Stop it you are just too gorgeous!! Love this!

    x Kat

  8. Stunning dress love! Hope you're having a great holiday :) xo

  9. OMG so jealous of your tan! the dress is fab and you wear it so well! x


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