Wednesday 16 July 2014

Stripe Pencil Skirt

 Top: H&M 
Skirt: Zara 
                Shoes: Steve Madden -Real Love

We are in the throes of wedding season and while this is an exciting and joyous time it can also be an expensive time for wedding guests (not to mention the brides father!). By the time you factor in a gift, accommodation and a 'few' drinks there doesn't tend to be much pocket change out of €500 per couple. One of the things I try to save on is clothes.

For instance, I am lucky enough that my house mate and I are about the same size and height and therefore borrow each other's clothes when required. I also started a Whats app thread with a group of close friends. Everyone sends in photos of potential wedding out-fits along with sizes and people can pick and choose their favourites. The only proviso is that the outfit is returned clean! 

I wore this particular outfit to the recent wedding of a close friend. I had actually bought the skirt with no event in particular in mind. To be honest, I had debated whether to buy it or not initially. Thankfully I let my shopaholic side take-over and when I paired it with a simple black vest top, the outfit won me over. As a bonus, because it is a two piece the items can be worn separately and to any occasion. The whole outfit cost me €45 which is a bargain in my book! The week after the wedding, Eva Longoria  was spotted out and about in the skirt. Needless to say I didn't regret my decision to buy it! 


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